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"With proper training people can develop skills in questioning, brainstorming, adapting, combining, analyzing and selecting ideas. They can become the innovative engine your organization needs."

Paul Sloane, in "The Leader's Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills"
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Help Your Team’s Ideas Fly

Good ideas are hidden everywhere. Easily get your entire team involved in innovative initiatives whether that's employees, board members, or consultants.

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Keep Your Company Fresh

With our 9 keys of an innovative culture built into our app, innovation can become a habit, not just a fluke, to keep your company Fresh.

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Make Meetings More Productive

Employees typically hate meetings because they're unproductive. Ideate and collaborate in advance to focus meetings on turning ideas into action items and giving rewards.

How it Works

A 3 step process based on principles of innovation to get the most from your team and deliver results that have value


Cultivate diverse thoughts through independent ideation.

Understand the problem and opportunity and constraints, then set your team free to independently cultivate divergent thinking. Ideas from others are hidden to avoid groupthink and time blocks and reminders encourage engagement.


Discuss, support, and iterate positively

All contributions become visible, and questions are encouraged to refine ideas. Praising others ideas is encouraged and rewarded. At this stage, it’s all about your contributions, to your own ideas or others.


Decide what matters and create action holistically

Review all contributions holistically to take action. Judges reward top contributors to reinforce a positive innovative culture and decide which ones have value by turning the best into takeaways and action items.


Diverse Thinking: Everyone has the floor with nothing to impede the flow of ideas. Invite cross functional participants or outsiders with limited access.
Avoid Groupthink: Participants initially work independently to avoid groupthink and ensure unique ideas are generated.
Social Login: Invitees can utilize social login makes it easy to join quickly and validate their identity.
Anonymity: Anonymous profile option allows users to conceal personal identity for any ideas, keeping internal politics from inhibiting the ideation process.


Time Based: Challenges have time blocks to encourage quick ideation, collaboration, and evaluation in start of game like mechanics.
Interactive Forum: Watch great ideas snowball as contributors discuss alternatives in real time.
Incentive Driven: Participants are recognized with praise and rewarded based on value added to all ideas, not just their own.
Media Rich: Any idea can have attachments, videos, embedded images and drawings to elaborate on their ideas and make the conversation rich.


Flexible Evaluation Methods: 2 different evaluation methods are available to help direct how the innovation happens, contribution style or single winner.
Easy Rewards: Winners are selected to receive a universal or individual gift card from over 200 locations. Choose a gift card, custom gift card, or none at all for every challenge.
Downloadable Certificates: Certificates with winners information are ready to download, print, and deliver for public recognition, providing intrinsic motivation.
Gamification: Drive team engagement with individual innovation scorecards and overall team scorecards.

Powerfully Simple Features

Amazing features backed by innovation principles to easily innovate with your team.


9 Keys to an Innovative Culture

An innovative culture is much more than technology, it involves putting workspace around your process and people that spurs ongoing engagement and action against things that matter. Good habits take time and the InventValue program conveniently puts all the pieces in place to help innovation thrive continually.

  • Organize

    Turn your problems, opportunities, and initiatives into beautiful problems and exciting challenges by framing them up and decide who helps out. Our wizard with sample questions, description placeholders, guiding constraints, and more helps you prepare for guiding your team to innovate.

Receive a free download outlining
The 9 keys to an Innovative Culture

Innovation is something fresh that creates value

Deliberate interactions and defined constraints stimulate creation. Inventing value can become a process, not just a fluke.

Innovation should not mean working alone

Collaboration provides associations, speed, connections, and energy necessary for implementation. Without implementation, there is no innovation.

Problems are best solved when framed and when defined

The more specific the problem, the more creative the solution can be. When the objective is clearly defined and everything else is free game, the possibilities are endless.

Creativity flows freely when unfettered by groupthink

Independent ideation followed by collaborative discussion maximize potential creativity without loss of focus.

Every problem calls for a unique solution

Intensive ideation and collaboration are necessary to ensure all options are reviewed and the best solution is found.