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Continuous vs. Emergent: Two classes of Distinct Innovation

Continuous and Emergent innovation stem from the same basic innovation definition: something fresh or new that creates value, but there are numerous key differences. Continuous Innovation is synonymous with improvements, fresh iterations, progression, new enhancements, growth, incremental changes and efficiency whereas Emergent Innovation is synonymous with breakthroughs, disruption, radical ideas, paradigm-shifting results, raw novelty, and

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3 pillars every organization/team must address for effective innovation

People, Process, and Technology are essential pillars for effective Innovation in any organization/team and each must be addressed separately and integrated collectively to assure innovative results What’s included in People? People includes the rewards and incentives, environment and culture, leadership and examples. Companies have long boxed innovation into the R&D department. Not until recently have

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7 key sources and 7 key ingredients CENTRIC to Innovation

7 key sources and 7 key ingredients CENTRIC TO Innovation C: Creatives and Creativity: You may be born creative…many are. Or you may learn creativity…many do. Either way, the art of “new” starts with you. E: Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasm: Entrepreneurs have long been known for Innovation. An entrepreneur’s secret ingredient–an undying enthusiasm that gives them

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